Serviced vs Leased Offices

Taking on an office lease can be a major commitment. They are often long-term contracts that require serious investment up front to set up the work space.

Pipers Business Centre Serviced Offices can provide a flexible, short or long term, cheaper solution that will allow new businesses to get established quickly and offer existing businesses a seamless move between premises.

Office Leasing

Pipers Serviced Offices

Tied into longer-term contacts usually a minimum of 1 year lease often 5 years, with no break clause. Pipers offer flexible contracts starting from as little as a few weeks in duration.
Expensive Solicitors fees to scrutinise long, complicated contracts An easy to understand, simple agreement that does not require a professional legal team’s fees to understand.
Office set-up time can be up to 9 months You can move in and be operational within 24 hours of signing the agreement (subject to T&C’s). The offices are fully furnished, if you require that facility.
No flexibility to grow or downsize as the nature of your business changes Subject to availability there is usually the option to move to a more suitable space within the same office building, should your business need change.
Complicated set-up of the IT infrastructure and the associated heavy financial investment on lengthy contracts All broadband and phone services already established on-site at Pipers Tonbridge and are provided at cost. Not tied into other individual contracts.   Pipers Tonbridge have the Avaya ip30 telephone system with itemised billing and Cat5 cabling.
Multiple contracts with third party service suppliers The rental price includes all utilities and services, including business rates, insurance, cleaning, lighting, power.
Beyond the set-up costs there are often considerable unknown, on-going maintenance costs No surprise bills. You will only be billed for additional services that were agreed payable on use eg. Phone bills, IT support available at cost, etc.
Parking is often limited: a cost in addition to the office lease can be expensive or off-site Extensive, secure, CCTV monitored parking on-site for you and your clients at Pipers Tonbridge and Pipers Sevenoaks sites. Even a bike shed is available at Pipers Tonbridge!
Need to employ, train and manage reception staff A full time reception service available 9 – 5pm Monday to Friday at Pipers Tonbridge, who will front your organisation and personalise the service to your company’s needs.Virtual Office services are provided by Pipers Tonbridge.
Usually a need to use or bring in external catering On-site kitchen facilities available at all times in Pipers Tonbridge and Sevenoaks.
No meeting rooms, conference or break-out facilities A small and large meeting room are available to hire at Pipers Tonbridge for all Pipers clients. They can be booked from 1 hour to daily rates, including evenings and weekends.
No extra facilities or services available Pipers Tonbridge offers Shower facilities. Tonbridge also provide a photocopier, scanner and fax in reception.
Lengthy delays bringing in contractors to get things fixed On-site management. Maintenance man on-site or on-call.